Why Report Absences?

The most important reason for reporting absences is that it helps develop responsibility in our Young Marines. This trait will help them when they enter the workforce.

It also insures that absences are excused, helping the Young Marine to earn the Perfect Attendance ribbon.

During promotion cycles, Young Marine attendance is also reviewed and unexcused absences could have an adverse effect on their chance for promotion.

Absentee Submission Form

Young Marines who are going to be absent from drill should complete the following form with as much information as possible to insure that the absence(s) are excused.

To report a single day’s absence, just enter on date. To  report a LOA (Leave of Absence) enter the date range. Please be  sure to enter an explanation for the absence/LOA.

Once the form has been filled out, click on the submit button  to send an email to the Adjutant.

Young Marine Absence Notification

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