Unit Forms

The forms listed below are used at the unit level only.

Leadership Evaluation Form Squad Leader evaluation form for Young Marine Team Leaders.

Personal Progress Report This form is used throughout recruit training and as a Young Marine.

Uniform to School Permission Slip  This form is to be filled out by the principal of the Young Marine’s school in order to be allowed to wear their Young Marines uniform to school on designated holidays.

Ribbon Request Form  This form should be used to request any ribbon or device that the Young Marine has earned. It should be filled out and attached to any documentation needed to validate that the ribbon/device has been earned.

Promotion Request Form  Any Young Marine requesting to test for promotion during the next promotion cycle must fill out this form, attach a current Personal Progress Report and a copy of the most recent report card, and turned in to the Adjutant by the prescribed due date.

Recruit Training Registration Request This form is only required during the initial registration process.

Annual Liability Release Form  This form MUST be re-signed every year and returned to the unit adjutant.

Young Marine Transfer Request  This form must be completed by any Young Marine who wishes to transfer to our unit.


In order to request a ribbon, you must fill out a ribbon request form and submit it to the Unit Commander on the same day that promotion requests are due.

If documentation is required to support the request, it should be stapled to the ribbon request form.

The Young Marine is responsible for ribbon requests. If you don’t submit the ribbon request when you have earned a ribbon, don’t expect to receive the ribbon. The unit only tracks community service hours and activities are done as a unit that warrants a ribbon.

Don’t have a Ribbons and Awards Manual?

Click here to print or save a copy!

All Young Marine National forms can be accessed by clicking here. The link will redirect you to the Young Marines National website forms page.


Testing for promotion is a three step process.

Time in grade is not required; however, you must demonstrate the ability to perform the duties of the rank for which you are testing.

In order to test for promotion you must submit a promotion request form with a copy of your most recent report card and a current progress report attached to it on the day promotion requests are due.

NO late promotion requests will be accepted. If you cannot attend the required drills during the promotion cycle you will have to wait until the next cycle.

The promotion testing steps are as follows:

  • Attend a Drug Demand Reduction (DDR) class.
  • Pass the PFT test with a minimum of 200 points, or 250 points for NCOs.
  • Pass the promotion written test.
  • Pass the oral board.

The above steps must be passed in the order they are displayed.